Archive | March 2013

Counting the Days


Counting the days till I make love to you,
this hunger in me you have brought to life.
With mere thoughts you’ve invaded me
my body aching, yearning for your touch.

You’ve drawn out the other side of me,
the one who controls passion and desire.
It wants its time now and forever,
eager to taste the love you are offering.

When the day comes that I give you me
hold me in your arms and don’t let go.
Kiss me with tenderness you are hiding within
and I’ll show you love like never before.



At First Light


At first light she opens her eyes,
rosy cheeks bedimpled as she smiles.
With her hand she reaches out,
to touch the sun’s rays caressing
her window pane.

A breath of sigh escapes her parted lips,
contentment she bears in every line of her face.
Her body slowly opens up to the day,
as she uncurls her limbs from night’s embrace.

Stretching body with sensuous delight
falling sheet slowly cascading,
on smooth skin that glistens in the light,
never ending like sparkling wine.


Give me a Kiss

Give me a kiss before you leave my bed
and I will bring it with me when I dream tonight.
A kiss that lingers in my lips forever,
until you come back and wake me up
from the sweetest dream back to reality.
With you in my arms making me breathless,
with every touch we share and kisses deep,
giving life to cold hands and feet.
Every whisper of breath that sears sweat covered flesh
a taste of sweet mornings in your arms that please
a hungry soul aching for release.


Down to a Sunless Sea

Just a quick post about a short story made by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman. The title of his work is “Down to a Sunless Sea” and was posted at the Guardian. I can’t help but admire his writing skills not to mention the way he thinks. The first book I’ve read which he wrote was American Gods and it was love at first reading.

I was fortunate to meet the man himself when he went to the Philippines for his book signing and I was one of the hundreds of people who hugged him to death. 😀 For those who want to read something new, you might want to try his books. I would have to warn you though, his books can be quite addicting to read. 🙂 Enjoy!

Writing Letters

Love Letters. This is one habit that I intend to pick up again. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to make someone special feel really important, right? Have you tried writing a love letter lately? As in really write it down using pen and paper and not typing on your keyboard and sending it through email?

I think many have forgotten the power of writing manually. Even when your penmanship sucks it doesn’t mean that your letter will lose its power. Every letter you put together, every word you string together will always create magic in the eyes of the reader, especially if the one reading it means the whole damn world to you.

So, what are you waiting for? It has been ages since you’ve written someone a letter so why not start now? Send someone a love letter today and see the wonders of touching someone’s heart.


Dipping its head in a basin of black,
scratching the surface with its usual grace,
words form with such delight,
creating a single thought on paper.
The dipping and scratching continue,
more words float in the horizon,
strung together to make a meaning,
out of the endless chaos that surrounds
a mind pumping poetry and music,
out of its veins with every heartbeat.
A pause here and there as thoughts collect,
gaining speed yet slowing down,
marked with blots and tears,
a story unravels with every breath it takes,
with lyrics from songs forgotten,
a tribute to the one who holds her heart,
a fairytale that has no ending.


Surrender to Me


Surrender to me your most intimate thoughts,
the hunger in you I will try to satiate,
with every touch that burns and sears the flesh,
imprinting ourselves into one another.

Surrender to me those passionate kisses,
and I will answer them with my own need,
for the night will go slow for the both of us,
until we reach the pinnacle of our dreams.

Surrender to me your heart that is hidden,
and mine I will give to you as you please,
I am yours in every way, my love,
and for this I choose you for eternity.