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Ikaw ang umagang nais kong masilayan
at ang gabi’y para sa ating mga pusong nagmamahalan.
Ang iyong liwanag ang syang pupukaw
sa dilim na bumabalot sa aking isipan
at syang gagabay sa akin palapit
sa iyong mga nakaabang na mga kamay.
Ang aking takbuhan, ang aking tahanan,
sa piling mo’y ibibigay ang aking kalayaan,
at ang pangakong walang ibang hahagkan
‘pagkat ang puso kong minsan nang nasaktan,
ay sa iyo natutong magmahal ng walang hanggan.


You are the morning that I wish to wake up to
and the night is for our hearts that love.
Your light will be the one to banish
the darkness that wraps my mind
and will guide me closer to your hands
that are already reaching out.
You are the one I run to, my home,
and with you I will give my freedom,
and the promise that there is no one else I’ll kiss,
for this heart that got hurt before
because of you learned to love forevermore.

-eamarifosque 062513-


Paragraphs in Photographs


There are hidden words and worlds with every press of the shutter,
capturing split second images that were sure to be forgotten.
Hiding behind the camera lens we can still create,
hundreds of stories that were meant to be written,
but not by words alone but by images so lively and vivid.
For each glance, each gesture, each backdrop we take,
contains their own little stories that can be read in so many ways.
There are always paragraphs in photographs we take,
hidden in plain sight for knowing eyes to see
how to view the world in a different light.
Seeing images but reading paragraphs in between,
the power of photographs and hidden words combined.

-eamarifosque 062413-

by your side


i will lie by your side and watch you deep in sleep,
loving the way my hands cradle your head as you
put your trust in me.
these moments when everything is right with the
just the two of us, loving every single moment that
our hearts have in store for us.
until the morrow comes and we’ll go back to a world
where we can’t do anything but be apart,
waiting for the end that we often speak of in dreams,
where we are the ones who will write our happy

-eamarifosque 062413-

Own the Night


we shall own the night, tonight of all nights,
we will make it listen to our beating hearts.
the fires we shall conjure will banish the shadows
and we will play in its heat as it sears
the very essence of our being as we collide
like the distant stars in the horizon.
we shall own the night and make it last,
until we have satisfied our hungry hearts,
with the things that we crave the most,
the touch and feel of desire that course through us.
as we gaze up into the starry backdrop of this night
where we shall belong to one another
both in body and soul until the night slowly dwindles
and fade into nothingness.

-eamarifosque 061513-

Paint Me a Story

paint me a story of what love really is,

so i can bring it with me when i go to sleep.

touch colors to canvas in delightful swirls,

and tell me that’s how i make you feel.

show me rainbows, show me black and grey,

show me how eloquent you can be

when painting love and all its miseries.

fill the canvas with images of how you see

the love that i offer you in all its simplicity.

show me in colors the truth you found in me,

and show me what secrets you learned as you dive

into the depths of me.

-eamarifosque 061813-

An Inspiring Award

We all need some inspiration to fuel us through the day and receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is just one of those things that make me love writing even more. My gratitude goes out to Ms. Kimberly who nominated me for this award. I am deeply touched that you find my works inspiring and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a reason to put my thoughts into words even more.



The Rules are as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Here are a few things about me:

1. I am drawn to the beauty of flames. They are quite mesmerizing and I somehow feel that they draw all the stress, worries, pains and hurts that I feel. This is one of the reasons why I always light a candle at night even for a few minutes just to stare at its flame.

2. I am a Neil Gaiman fan. Ever since I read American Gods I simply fell in love with the way he writes and how amazing his mind works. My goal is to buy all of his works and let my future kids (if ever) read them.

3. I am a nerd.

4. I am a very quiet person. I am not really into big crowds. I’d rather spend my time outside gazing at the stars or climb a tree or just be with someone whom I can spend the day without needing to talk that much but yet find contentment with each others presence.

5. I am a bookworm. I’m always in the lookout for great authors to read and include in my growing library.

6. I am the youngest in a family of 7 and my siblings are simply the best people in the world for me. Whenever we’re together our house is just filled with noise because we would spend the entire day playing, chatting and eating. I miss those days.

7. I am nothing without those who inspire me to be who I am.

On to the nominees then. 🙂

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Congratulations to all the nominees and many thanks to all my readers who continue to inspire me.

And most of all, THANK YOU, Ms. Kimberly for this award.