What Mad About is really about…


Mad About is a blog where I want to put all the things that make my life crazy in a good way of course. You can find here my thoughts on the places I’ve visited and will be visiting really soon as well as some photos for my dream of becoming a not-so professional photographer. 😀

I’ve also included here those moments when the little ink elf in me starts to flex its fingers to write poems and such. Oh, and I’ve added other things here as well filed under the “Anything Under the Sun” category.

I may not be a great writer or a professional photographer to boot but these are some of the pleasures I enjoy and want to share with you. 🙂 So if ever you feel the need to leave a note here and there I’d very much appreciate it to know your thoughts. After all, you will be part of my Mad About adventure in life. 🙂

And to those who are following me or would like to follow me, thank you very much for appreciating what I’ve written here. I’ll drop by your blog too and leave a piece of me there as well. Cheers!



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