Archive | July 2013

It Was

It was the way you held my hand
and how you gazed into my eyes,
that caused this heart to beat so frantically.
It was that smile you gave me
and the way you caressed my face
that sent shivers down my spine.
It was the way you spoke to me
and the way you stood proud beside me
that made me fall in love so easily.
It was the way you sit in silence
and the way you listened to me
that taught me that I am never alone.
It was the way you made me laugh
and how you eased the frown from my brows
that made me want you even more.
It was the way you kissed me softly
and the way you hold me close to your heart
that told me that I’m quite lucky
having you in my life.

-eamarifosque 073113-



This is where I belong, right by your side,
walking with you even on roads you dislike.
I’ll be your companion, your friend, your light,
there’s nothing to be afraid of, no matter what your plight.
I’ll protect you from your shadows,I’ll bear any hurt you feel,
as long as I see you standing tall and unafraid, I’ll be happy as can be.
I’ll hold your hand so you won’t falter, I’ll pick you up when you fall down,
because there is no reason why you should feel alone,
even if you think there’s no one around,
for I’ll always be with you, even though we’re miles apart.
I’ll wipe away the tears that fall from your eyes that perceive,
a different kind of world that you had gladly shown to me.
In everything that you do, I’ll always be with you.
I’ll take care of you, my sweet, because you mean everything to me.

-eamarifosque 072613-


As I cradle your face in the palms of my hands,
and gaze into your eyes that peer into mine,
I feel lost, untethered and floating.
For in those depths I see the rawness of your being,
the hunger that screams from the soul within,
trying to break free from the bonds that shackle it
and it seems to me that I am the one who holds the
Dare I release the beast locked up inside
or let it roar and rage chained to your being?
Will I let myself be consumed with its passion
or do I have the power to bring it to its knees?
I can see my fears reflected in your beautiful eyes,
afraid I won’t be able to tame the wildness in you,
but I can be brave when it comes to love.
Shall we test the waters then my sweet?
For this kiss I’ll give will set you free.
So come closer dear and close your eyes,
let my lips unchain the beast within.

-eamarifosque 072513-


Help me unravel, the secrets that lie within you,
the stories you’ve never shared, the dreams you’ve yet to attain.
Let me unwrap the covers you’ve enveloped yourself with,
even if it means finding the darkness you refuse to let the light shine on.
I’ll take you as you are, with all your scars and pains,
your looks are just superficial, what lies beneath is more important.
Don’t hide from me, don’t shy away,
there is beauty in you that has yet to be revealed.
I am here, I won’t go, I won’t run away,
even if you show me the abyss you’ve been staring into,
and all the demons inside your head,
I’ll still be by your side, holding your hands tight.
Until you realize that you’re perfection incarnate,
in my eyes and will always be.

-eamarifosque 072213-

It’s enough that I love


It’s enough that I love
the very thought of you,
even from afar I can still feel
the heartache of longing,
penetrating deep within
knowing that it’s impossible
this love I have for you.

It’s enough that I love
those moments we have,
even if they’re just minutes,
rolling to hours,
for days even weeks are beyond us
because I know it won’t be possible
this very thing that I want the most.

It’s enough that I love
the very dream of me and you,
the one we hope we could build
you and I together
perhaps in the future
if the fate allows.

It’s enough that I love
the very essence of us
even as this distance
is keeping us apart
in this world where we are
but two souls searching
the light in each other’s eyes.

-eamarifosque 070713-

Island in Between

i found an island in between
the pain and suffering i often feel,
it beckons to me as i desperately swim
against the raging waters of my insanity.
and upon its shores that i’ve reached,
clarity and serenity held me dear.
breathing new life to this tired soul,
that wandered far but has now found a home,
upon the soft, warm sand that cushions me
saving me from the turmoil and torment
that my life has already been steeped in.

-eamarifosque 063013-