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Be My Valentine







Should I write you a love letter
letting the sweetest words appear
on these blank pieces of paper
telling you what I’d do if you’re near?

Should I woo you with kisses
press them tenderly upon your lips,
and with the softest of touch shall caress
your cheeks with my fingertips?

Should I read you a poem tonight
the one that I’ve kept hidden all this time
read it with such passionate delight
not listening to it would be a crime?

Should I dance for you under the starlit skies
swaying hips in rhythm with the flames
capturing your attention and your desires
bringing passion to our little games?

Should I make you mine this valentine
and offer my heart to you on bended knee,
whisper to you how I want you to be mine
and share the secret that love whispered to me?

-©eamarifosque 021214-


Give a Chance








Your love is like a mystery,
a puzzle I want to complete.
With pieces of myself to fill
the spaces where once love reigned.
You thought it would be better
to hide yourself in the shadows,
afraid to feel the pain that comes with
loving someone new.
And so you retreat into your shell
building walls to protect your heart,
no longer looking for love to alight
on your cold, hardened soul.
Yet you shouldn’t run or hide away
because I come bearing gifts for you.
These hands that will lend you strength
when you need to face stormy days ahead,
a smile to brighten the darkest nights,
and my love to warm you when you’re cold.
All that I ask is for you to give a chance,
accept what I have to offer, so step away
from the darkness you enveloped yourself in
and come and rest your burdened heart
within the circle of my arms.

-eamarifosque 111413-

Will you take care of this aching heart
that yearns for a place in your own?
Will you warm it up in your hands
and promise to hold it close to you?
Will you bring it with you wherever you go
and remember that the one who owns it is waiting for you?
Will you sleep tonight and dream of me
and wake up thinking about who thinks of you all the time?
Will you lead your feet back to my home
and stay with me for a little longer?
Will you treasure the trust I give you
and let it not fall to the ground and break?
Will you come back and stay in my arms
and still this worried heart?

-eamarifosque 091713-

if your lips falter on its way to mine,
i will rescue it with a kiss of my own,
where its touch will seal this love sublime,
and bring it back to its rightful home.
where it will not be wasted or forgotten,
but instead planted deep within the heart,
where it will be cultivated until it blooms
unfurling beauty perfected by time.

-eamarifosque 091113-

Can’t Stop


Can’t stop relieving those moments
when we were just a few inches apart.
Our fingers slightly touching each other,
shyly exploring the sparks that fly.

Can’t help but remember those smiles we gave,
for they were full of love and promise.
All that was needed was to close the distance
to share that perfect kiss we both have been dreaming
Can’t help but gaze into your beautiful eyes,
for I feel that they are trying to commune with me.
I can spend eternity just staring at your face
and love you with everything that I have.

Can’t believe the luck that came my way,
when our paths crossed again this day.
I never knew I’ll find someone to fall for,
but I know in my heart will beat for you forevermore.

Can’t stop hoping and wishing that we’ll be together.
I pray constantly that you’re my happy ending.
I don’t want to break this moment at all,
when everything feels right because of you.

-eamarifosque 050113-



checkmate you called out
as you boxed me in a corner
unable to move
seeing the fire in your eyes
and the smile on your lips
that melt my heart and
weakened my knees.
such a fancy game we play
when all i wanted was to be caught
by you in a corner
where we can steal kisses
from one another.

-eamarifosque 042413-