Archive | May 2013

If I Could


If I could wake up to the sound of your voice
calling me for breakfast,
I will jump out of bed without pause
because I know you’re waiting for me.

If I could call you up any time I want
and listen to your voice that makes me melt,
I will not hang up at all but spend the day
trading stories with you.

If I could laugh at our silly antics
while listening to that deep chuckle of yours,
I know I will never have any reason at all
to shed tears of sadness when I’m with you.

If I could hear you whisper my name
with such longing and passion,
I will not waste another minute at all
but I will find a way to be with you.

If I could close my eyes with the thought
that I will wake up to your voice,
I will gladly kiss you goodnight
and whisper, “I love you.”

-eamarifosque 052913-


Fire and Ice


Cool and composed you appear to be
as the temperature drops with your icy gaze.
Yet I can feel the fire slowly starting,
whenever you turn your eyes my way.
How can I resist the smile that is forming
on these lips as I hold those eyes with mine?
You can play cool and detached all you want
but this I tell you true.
I will break that cool facade of yours,
smash it to bits, unmake and unman you.
I will reshape and remake you,
with fire and passion from these hands.
I will breathe new life to your soul
that you’ve forgotten for so long.
I will make it yearn to live with the fires of love,
while I break it free from its icy prison.
I will melt your indifference with heat,
that only comes with this love that burns,
until you understand that your cold demeanor
is no match with the fire that I can conjure.

-eamarifosque 052813-



Freely falling in love with the idea of love,
that clings to the very lips of yours that I wish to kiss,
with selfless abandon just to share this wish.

That you fall in love with this soul that weeps,
for the softest touch that you can bestow
on satin skin like petals on flowers that grow.

Caressing with deep seated love coming from the
that knows how sensuous fingertips can be
when they move ever so slowly against a feverish

Mapping territories with every dip and glide
of splayed fingers that explore unchartered lands,
until they find the treasure buried deep within,
and claim it for its own to be awaken by your

-eamarifosque 051313-

Eloquence in Silence


There is eloquence in silence,
where words are better left unsaid.
Just the meeting of minds and heart
that meld in perfect harmony.

There is eloquence in silence,
where eyes meet eyes with perfect longing.
Smiles budding in each others lips,
reaching out to bring eternal bliss.

There is eloquence in silence,
where hands reach out in the darkness.
Seeking flesh that are fueled by anticipation,
before being burned with night’s true passion.

-eamarifosque 050913-



Bridging distances with words built on
fragile dreams and budding feelings.
We spin words and send them to space
retrieving them in little handheld devices.
Reading stories woven by minds
that are trapped in each of their own worlds.
Connecting them in silent reverie
until thoughts are pierced and pieced together,
and filed and stored away in memory fields
where we can stroll around in perfect bliss.
Conjuring up pictures of who we are
and who we can be when we’re together.
When the bridges we’ve built
to close these distances are sturdier than ever
we might then be free to give ourselves
the chance to be the best in each others eyes,
because that’s what love can make us do
whe we see each other in the eyes of a lover.

-eamarifosque 050713-

Pauses in Between


Everything is silent even the world that is used to us
burning the lines of technological spaces.
These hollow feelings caused by pauses in between,
a bitter taste like swallowing a cup of ashes
of burned hearts and letters we’ve written on the
These moments of silence how easily they can strip
the very foundations of who we are that we’ve built
while discovering the meaning of each other.
But still we have the courage to put everything to right,
even as the weary days pass us by without end.
And here we are still patching things up
because that’s who we are when we’re in love.
Breaking rules, breaking grounds just to fill the gap
that float between us like distances do.
And we find ourselves seeking out each other,
even in the spaces and darkness in our lives.
Hoping that our hands will reach out and find one
even when these pauses in between are tearing us

-eamarifosque 050613-