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poet divine come and whisper to me
the words that were meant to free,
this tortured soul from chains that bound,
its hollow heart left forgotten.
let the words you conjure speak the truth,
let their magic work, make them true,
these chains that bound and chafe
scarred surface, heal them now.
poet lay your words against this skin,
let them penetrate deep within,
cure the poison left by honeyed tongue,
that is slowly killing this soul of mine.
poet come for i am waiting,
hear my plight, give me your mercy,
unravel these chains that tighten,
drawing blood, draining life,
say the words and seal them in a kiss,
return to me my lost heart and soul.

-eamarifosque 082913-


waiting for the faintest of traces of the sun,
parting night’s ethereal sheets laid on sleeping souls
that silently stir on a bed of dreams.
fingers running down on delicate skin
the faintest of blush blooms on cheeks,
the breath of life passed with the lightest of kiss,
lifting the corners of lover’s lips into a shadow of a smile,
a boon given come the morning’s light.
a runaway breeze blows gently caressing silken hair,
a whisper of sigh escapes parted lips that seeks another kiss.
a honeyed treat, a perfect beginning,
for a morning wrapped in arms where comfort is,
a world unfamiliar yet worth getting lost in.

-eamarifosque 082813-

chasing moments, chasing time,
minutes are passing, how they fly.
can’t quite catch up, but still closing in,
hoping these palms can capture,
precious time and hold it back.
because i don’t want to miss another minute,
because i don’t want to miss another second,
of me finding ways to belong to you,
in all the ways i want to be,
because you’re the song i sing to,
and the music i dance to,
the words my world is filled with,
and the story i’m writing still.

-eamarifosque 051499-

an old poem I found while cleaning my room. 😀


My lips are sealed unless it’s your name
that I need to say,
your name that wormed its way to my heart
and soul.
I want to savor your name as it rolls from my lips
like the sweetest kiss you gave me to hold.
It’s your name that I often whisper well into the night,
before I fall asleep hoping to see you in my dreams tonight.
It’s your name that I carry with me, the one I draw strength from,
for your name I’ve branded in this heart of mine,
hoping it will never disappear from sight.

-eamarifosque 082113-

Lost In You


I want to get lost in you,
in your embrace that I miss the most.
I don’t want to suffer in silence anymore,
I want to be kissed by your lips right now.
I want to get lost in you,
I want to hide under the covers with you.
You are the world I want to call my own,
the one that I won’t mind getting lost in,
under the sheets where I can discover
the different sides of you.
I want to get lost in you,
to call you my own.
I want to lose myself in the words you speak,
the words I know that make my heart beats.
I want to get lost in you,
my love, my darling, my heart.
Come to me tonight and let me get lost in you.

-eamarifosque 082113-


I will walk this earth in search of you,
the other soul that can make me whole.
I will travel near and far in search of my destiny,
in the arms of the one I can call my own.
I will taste the lips of many
until I find the sweetest one.
I will touch and caress skins with my hands
to find the one that I can’t get enough of.
I will search for you, the one who completes me,
and I will bring you home and love you endlessly.

-eamarifosque 081813-


You are the cold night that embraces me in bed,
the stillness of the darkness broken by your sigh,
and with a single touch you brought me to life,
setting fire to these tired bones of mine.

You are the wind that sends shivers down my spine,
the one who stirs the strands of my hair,
like gentle fingers caressing its silkiness,
before tugging at them with your fists.

You are the dream that I have all the time,
the only one that occupies my mind,
from the day and well into the night,
there’s no one else I think about,
no room for anything else but you.

-eamarifosque 081313-