As I cradle your face in the palms of my hands,
and gaze into your eyes that peer into mine,
I feel lost, untethered and floating.
For in those depths I see the rawness of your being,
the hunger that screams from the soul within,
trying to break free from the bonds that shackle it
and it seems to me that I am the one who holds the
Dare I release the beast locked up inside
or let it roar and rage chained to your being?
Will I let myself be consumed with its passion
or do I have the power to bring it to its knees?
I can see my fears reflected in your beautiful eyes,
afraid I won’t be able to tame the wildness in you,
but I can be brave when it comes to love.
Shall we test the waters then my sweet?
For this kiss I’ll give will set you free.
So come closer dear and close your eyes,
let my lips unchain the beast within.

-eamarifosque 072513-


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