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stirring from the ashes of once forgotten hearth
rising like molten heat breaking the surface
it flows still down the barren canals
where echoes of tears used to tread
melting away remnants of fears
bringing life to dead limbs
cheeks suffused with blood

brilliant are the eyes that open to the skies
a wisp of breath escapes from parted lips
waking from a nightmare embraced
the cold no longer bothers her
as melting icicles of loneliness
pool beneath her dainty feet
dissolving in the heat

reborn from the scattered debris of shattered love
the shackles of emptiness are now laid bare
hands and feet will no longer be dragged
down into the well of familiar despair
for the sun is rising with warmth
and the chilling night
no longer remains

-©eamarifosque 053014-


Poetry: Alive

Since it’s December and many are saying that it’s nearing the end of the world, I thought that this poem of my mine is appropriate for the occasion. 😀 Anyway, I wrote this poem way back when I was in high school. Being alive is certainly something that we should be happy about regardless of how our day turns out. We just need to see how lucky we are that we are still breathing and have the chance to live our lives as we see fit.


I’m alive, still breathing

My blood courses through my veins.

I think every minute

Every second, every hour of the day

I walk, I run, I enjoy life this way.

I bask in the glory of the sun

I weave dreams upon the night sky.

I reminisce every joyous day that passed.

Yes, I’m alive, still breathing

Capturing the most intimate desires of my mind

Hiding from the scariest moments of my life.

I listen, I cry, I laugh, I speak

I hold everything dear.

I know how to love

to linger on a special moment

I know how to let go

And be tough at the same time.

Yes, I’m alive.

-EAM 122398-