There is magic in the words your lips do utter
into the night where our shadows reside,
with the flames from the candles our only lights
reflected back within the deep pools of our eyes.
Your whispered words that get carried by the wind
trail goosebumps on flesh as your breath descends,
a spell to remove the chains that bind the fire
setting it free to course through cold skin that waits
for your touch to ignite the desire within
letting it loose and unbound on waiting silken sheets.

-eamarifosque 121513-


That moment when our eyes first met
your words hypnotized the very thoughts in me
tying them up like knots on a string
how can i think coherently?
What magic is this that drives me on
wanting, needing and craving for more?
your touch that glides like butterfly wings,
your kiss that ignites the passion within.
how wonderful it would be to wake up
wrapped in the warmth of your arms,
knowing that I’m safe and secure in your love.
What would I give to make them all come true,
transform these dreams into my reality?

-eamarifosque 120213-

Give a Chance








Your love is like a mystery,
a puzzle I want to complete.
With pieces of myself to fill
the spaces where once love reigned.
You thought it would be better
to hide yourself in the shadows,
afraid to feel the pain that comes with
loving someone new.
And so you retreat into your shell
building walls to protect your heart,
no longer looking for love to alight
on your cold, hardened soul.
Yet you shouldn’t run or hide away
because I come bearing gifts for you.
These hands that will lend you strength
when you need to face stormy days ahead,
a smile to brighten the darkest nights,
and my love to warm you when you’re cold.
All that I ask is for you to give a chance,
accept what I have to offer, so step away
from the darkness you enveloped yourself in
and come and rest your burdened heart
within the circle of my arms.

-eamarifosque 111413-

Forgotten Lines










Living in the spaces between letters
our images like silhouettes dancing
to the sweet harmony that our hearts beat
your hands in mine as we melt in the lines
of forgotten words that our lips spoke
that lightly travel and caress our skins
sending such lovely shivers down our spines.
What I wouldn’t give to go back and relive
those forgotten lines we’ve shared
whispered in the darkness of our desires
tracing a path to where our souls reside.
and if I could make time turn back
back to that moment when our hearts first collide,
I’ll ask you to stay and let the sparks fly
surrounding us with their infinite glow
where we’ll bask in each others warmth
that melts the coldness in our hearts.

-eamarifosque 11213-

Muling Nagbalik

Mabagal na umaandar ang mga segundong nagpapatagal
sa oras na pilit pinagmamadali ng pusong sabik,
na muling pagbuksan ang pinto at ika’y papasukin
sa silid ng panaginip kung saan muling maibabahagi
ang naipong mga yakap at halik na kay tamis.
At sa dilim ang apoy ay muling magliliyab,
tutunawin ang distansya papunta sa iyong yakap,
magiging isa ang mga isip na matagal ng uhaw
para sa isa’t isa.
Pagdudugtungin ang mga salitang ang puso ang may akda,
at ang mga daliri’y lilikha ng musika sa bawat haplos
na syang tatatak sa isip na maaaring balik-balikan
ng mga pusong pinagtagpo ng pagkakataon.
At ang mga nangingilid na luha’y hindi na kailangang pumatak pa
‘pagkat ika’y naririto na at hawak hawak ang mga kamay
na matagal ng nangangapa sa dilim matagpuan ka lamang.
Ang mga ngiti’y madarama sa mga labing binabasbasan
ang mga pisngi mo ng mga matatamis na halik,
sapagkat ikaw ay muling nagbalik sa yakap ng umiibig.

-eamarifosque 110513-


Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga panaginip
na binuo natin sa nabibilang na mga sandali,
buuin ang mga kwentong sinimulan ng mga labing
iisang tema lamang ang namumutawi?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga salitang isinulat
ng mga puso nating hinahanap ang isa’t isa,
pagtagpi tagpiin ang mga papel ng ating buhay
ikonekta sila para magkaroon ng linaw ang lahat?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan ang mga notang nagmumula
sa tumitibok na pusong ikaw lamang ang laman,
gumawa ng kantang tayo lamang ang makakaintindi
at aawitin kapag malayo sa isa’t isa?

Maaari mo bang dugtungan at pahabain ang panahon
habang namamalagi ka sa aking piling,
di na mawala pa sa aking paningin
‘pagkat ikaw lang ang parati kong hahanap hanapin?

-eamarifosque 102913-

I’d Love to

I’d love to steal the first kiss from your lips
while the sun is still busy yawning in the horizon.
I’d love to be the one to pour you your coffee
even when I haven’t drank a sip from mine.
I’d love to be the one to see you off to work,
sending you kisses by the door.
I’d love to welcome you home with the tightest embrace,
and serve you the best dinner to satisfy your hunger.
I’d love to cuddle next to you while we watch TV
and who knows where this might lead if you’ve been good to me?
I’d love to leave you the sweetest kiss before you sleep,
and whisper to your ear that I’ll see you in my dreams.

-eamarifosque 102813-