Make Your Way

Make your way into my arms, my dear,
and I promise you’ll have nothing to fear.
You’ve grown tired and weary of sweet promises,
but in me you can find peace.
For I won’t waste the love you’ve given me,
but plant it in my heart and let it bloom.
Until it has grown proud and beautiful
and its roots entwine our hearts as one.
And under its shade we’ll lie peacefully,
and dream of better days
with arms around each other.

-eamarifosque 032813-


2 thoughts on “Make Your Way

  1. “..and dream of better days” a simple line with a volume of meaning. A line that encompasses the whole poem within it. An echo from a wound, hidden deep? when I read that poem again, which I surely will, I shall leave the full stop at the end πŸ™‚ The stream of dream should continue unto eternity.

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