Waiting For You

Waiting For You

I tremble when you’re near me
right from the start I knew we’re meant to be
your eyes so daring, boldly looking
caressing, loving.

I can’t help but feel breathless
with every touch you give
let me fan the flames with my own
kisses and passionate embrace.

I savor each moment when we’re together
my heart yearning when we’re apart
watching the hands of the clock
waiting till you come home in my arms.



3 thoughts on “Waiting For You

  1. This poem makes me a bit wistful. Not due to anything in particular, it is just that… I have found myself always at a disadvantage in understanding such poetry. It is true what they say, that these types of poems must be approached from a position of the heart.

    So, for someone such as myself, who almost invariably approaches things from the mind…such poetry reminds me of that which I have such difficulty feeling. And I grow sad. And melancholy.

    In my own way, perhaps that is how I appreciate such poems. It is my own way of grieving for such things that I probably will never experience. My own way, I suppose, of appreciating beauty.

    Thank you for this.

  2. You’re most welcome Wanderingmiyagi and it is I who should be thankful for your appreciation of my work and for you leaving a bit of yourself here. It is always refreshing to read other people’s point of view because it helps me to do better with my work. Thank you. 🙂

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