Last November, I followed Neil Gaiman’s “All Hallow’s Read” where you read a scary story or share a scary book with someone for them to read on this night of all nights. I shared Stephen King’s Dark Half with my sister which incidentally she hasn’t read yet and I read It for the second time. Yes, second. Why? Well, I wanted to purge myself of my fear of clowns and this was the perfect book for me to read.


This is the cover of the copy that I have.

Like I said, for some strange reason I never loved clowns. No offense to those who love clowns or even those who dress up as clowns to delight little children but there is something about this particular clown, specifically Pennywise the Clown that bothers me a lot.

I am not comfortable seeing those fake smiles on their faces never knowing what they are thinking because their whole face is painted. And with Pennywise, I am really afraid. Still I bravely read the whole book again and I have to admit that somehow my fear of clowns has diminished ever so slightly.

If you haven’t read this book I must warn you, I might spoil the fun for you. So if ever you haven’t picked up this book from your local book store please do so and read it before you continue with this article. It’s a good read and one that I highly recommend if you love Stephen King as much as I do. That author has the uncanny ability to transform the simplest objects to one that will haunt you in your dreams.

With that being said, I’ll go on with my take on IT.

The first thing that I loved about this book was that the first few pages piqued my curiousity. When this happens, I tend to finish the entire thing. Anyway, what stemmed my enthusiasm was when I reached the part when there was a clown in the sewer with balloons floating by his side. Clown + sewer + balloons? Bad idea.


Pennywise the Clown down by the sewers.

Second, I loved the fact that the kids in the story knew there was something up with the town and that the grown ups weren’t really aware of. They have their own secret or something and they were put in a position to save those kids who fell victim to Pennywise. (yes, that’s the clown’s name)

Third, I loved how the kids were able to escape after hurting It with their own special powers. What I mean here is that kids have these unusual abilities to use their imagination to combat evil which was exactly how they managed to hurt It in the first place.

Fourth, the idea of finishing an unfinished business calls to me. And in this book, the kids have grown up with different histories both good and bad without remembering their childhood until one call brought everything crashing into them.

Fifth, I loved how Stephen King weaved the past with the present and from varying view points as well. If you have an active imagination like me you can even picture the characters in the book.

The ending I leave to you guys to determine whether you liked it or not. I won’t spoil it for you. The things I mentioned above are what I like about this book. I haven’t seen the entire movie yet where Tim Curry played the part of Pennywise. (I’m still scared) Anyway, if I have the courage to watch it I think I’ll be sharing my thoughts here too.


Pennywise smiles.


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