Another shutterbug moment of mine. This was taken at a resort here in the Philippines which was just a few feet away from home. All photos were taken using my camera phone. Darn it. I wish had a better camera but beggars can’t be choosers so there. 🙂 I kinda liked the way how my shots turned out even if I was just using a camera phone.

The Garden Tree

A large tree with benches around it.

This huge tree is decorated with lanterns which when lit up certainly creates a hauntingly eerie atmosphere in the area or it’s just my imagination. 😀

Garden Tree

Tree trunks.

I extended my arms higher just to make it appear that I’m zooming in on the tree’s branches. So far so good.

Garden Tree

Another angle of the tree.

You can see the lanterns I was referring to earlier. The resort owner lights them up late at night.

Garden Tree



Trying to make the most out of the sunset.

So, the sun is already setting. I figured I could practice on silhouette shots. Let’s see what happened. 🙂





Here I am trying to create another silhouette shot. Not bad for a beginner. 🙂

shadow play

Silhouette shot of the tree.


Light’s fading fast.

Well, that’s it. I kinda liked how things turned out in the end. Now if I have a better camera I might pull off some better shots but still I like what I see. I hope you do too. 🙂


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