Poetry: Alone

I have been writing poems ever since I was a kid. They weren’t just for school assignments but for my personal enjoyment. I haven’t written anything new lately, but now that I have seen my old poems, I might just have enough inspiration to write new ones pretty soon.

For now, let me share this poem of mine titled “Alone”.


Why do people leave me hanging?

Never catch me when they see me falling?

Or help me stand when they see me crawling?

Never listen when they hear me talking?

Why do people leave me all alone?

I have no choice but to go on my own.

What’s the purpose of knowing you?

If I know someday you will be leaving me too?

Because I know I can’t make you stay

There’s nothing I could do but watch you go away.

Here I am again watching the rain

Alone in my room, alone with my pain.



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