Stephen King’s Carrie

I am a bookworm. There is no doubt about it. I simply love the idea of being transported to a whole new world just by reading a story regardless of how short or long it may be. My parents started me on this road while I was still a kid. They will read to me and my siblings children’s stories before we take a nap in the afternoon. They gave us leave to read all sorts of books as long as they were appropriate for our age. I simply loved those moments when I get to choose what book to read and I will devour the whole content in just a day.

I never realized that I will be building my own store of books until the time my father gave me a different kind of gift when I was just 11 years old. I felt proud of myself that my dad saw me as mature enough to handle an adult book written by Stephen King. Carrie was my first love in terms of Stephen King’s books because I learned a lot of new words and of course it fueled my already active imagination.

First ever Stephen King book that I own.

I remember this cover clearly because I was trying to understand what it meant. I remembered reading the entire book in just a day. And I really have to admit that this book gave me the chills when I was a kid. It also taught me how powerful the mind can be and how you shouldn’t treat others with disrespect no matter their status in life. You’ll never know what can happen to you if you do such a thing just like in Carrie’s case.

I loved how Stephen King gave life to Carrie, how he drew her in my mind’s eye with words. I loved the fact that I was quick to grasp the entire story of Carrie even when I was just at a young age. I also wanted to have Carrie’s ability even for just a day. That was how powerful this story was to me. I never knew that over the years, I will be drawn to more of Stephen King’s works. You should see my mini library today. You’ll see plenty of his works.

Carrie the movie was well done. But being a bookworm and all, I still prefer the book over the movie even today. I can’t help it. This doesn’t mean I don’t watch the movie adaptation. I do. I think I’ll be more forgiving if I watched the movie first before reading the book. But this is just me.

Sissie Spacek here was amazing!


3 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Carrie

    • I hope you enjoy reading Carrie then. Stephen King is one of my fave authors. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about books staying with you for your entire life. I got plenty of them right here. :)) Have fun with your reading and thank you for following my blog. 🙂

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