Outbreak Manila

A Time of Firsts – Outbreak Manila

Have you ever tried anything new lately? Well, for me it’s joining a fun run in the form of being chased by and running away from zombies. Yep. I joined Outbreak Manila last July 28, 2012 in BGC which, by the way, was a thrilling experience.

My sisters and I plus two of our good friends had fun during the run. Although we got separated during our wave, it was well worth the experience seeing all those zombies scattered throughout the area. The rain contributed to the creepy factor because it caused the streets to be slippery hence many runners suffered many cuts and bruises. Although I think they were happy to survive the run in one piece.

Here are a few pictures I took during the run. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish the race as a live runner. Oh well, maybe next time. 🙂

Waiting for our wave.







Outbreak Manila BGC







At the Stage.

Outbreak Manila BGC








Runners everywhere.

Outbreak Manila BGC









Starting the run.

Outbreak Manila BGC








I see zombies!!!

Outbreak Manila BGC









At this point, I lost my life flags so I am in no rush. Just took some photos with the zombies who were pretty good in chasing runners.

Outbreak Manila BGC

Outbreak Manila BGC















Almost at the finish line.

Outbreak Manila BGC

Outbreak Manila BGC

Outbreak Manila BGC

Outbreak Manila BGC





























It was with relief that we reached the finish line albeit as dead runners. Hopefully, the next time we join I can get to save a life. Till next time Outbreak Manila!


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